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Diversified Packaging-Specializing in Hot Melt & Liquid Adhesives. Some of our solutions include:

  • Case, Carton, & Tray Making
  • Adhesives for High Speed, difficult stocks printed, varnished metalized and coated
  • State of the art Adhesive Technology featuring Metallocene-based products along with Clean Melt benefits
  • Low Application Temperature products with excellent Heat & Cold Resistance
  • Product Assembly: Pressure Sensitive & Fugitive Adhesives, Polyamide Hot Melts
  • Woodworking Adhesives for Laminations, Solid Wood & General Assembly
  • Container Labeling Adhesives for PTE, Glass and Untreated PP and HDPE. Both Liquid & Hot Melt
  • Graphic Arts: Bookbinding Adhesives, Hot Melt PUR, EVA, Hot Melt PSA and Rubber Based products for Side, Spine, Labeling & Tipping Applications

Hot Melt Glue Machines

Here at Diversified Packaging
We feature Hot Melt Equipment & Parts
From a leading manufacturer in Valco Melton

Dispensing Equipment since 1952

Valco Melton is one of the world's leaders in adhesive dispensing machinery, vision inspection and electronic monitoring systems for quality assurance. From box manufacturing to making baby diapers or even assembling toys, we are specialized in the design and manufacture of quality assurance and dispensing systems that apply, monitor and verify liquids or adhesives to seal, box, package, carton, stick, bind, tape and even add perfumes or lotions within a wide variety of packaging machinery, paper converting, non woven, graphic arts, woodworking, and specialized product assembly categories.

Valco Melton’s extensive parts inventory and support

Will keep you up and running.

Need a part for a Nordson machine?

Let our parts department help you.

For more info on Adhesive applications/Equipment and parts

Contact our Adhesives Specialist
Jim Guttmann


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