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For all of your steel and plastic strapping needs Diversified Packaging represents the most prominent manufacturers in the world. With Signode/Acme’s world class products, we are able to provide the right solution for your application.

When you buy steel, plastic strap products, tools and equipment from Diversified Packaging, you get more than top quality, reliable products. You get the maintenance and technical resources necessary to meet your ongoing packaging needs. You’ll get a system that improves your package, protects your product and increases your profits from a company that understands your needs and knows how to meet them.

Contact our sales/customer service team for more information and see how they can help keep your equipment in top operating condition eliminating costly downtime.

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                                           plastic strap machine           plastic strap machine           plastic strap machine           plastic strap machine

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                                   Steel Strapping Strapping Tools Strapping Tools Strapping Tools Strapping Tools



Diversified Packaging Introduces:

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EAM-Mosca Is a High performance systems Company focused on the

sale of superior equipment whose performance is enhanced through

the use of EAM-Mosca Strap and Distributor Partner Support!



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